100% solid capacitors

ASUS Pro Series desktops are made with the world's best motherboards and employ premium solid capacitors. High quality components provide utmost durability, improved longevity, and enhanced thermal performance.

Chassis access for easy upgrade and maintenance

Smooth and contemporary design provide an comfort user expenrience with solid front-to-end thermal solution and blend into all working environmnets with flexible placement - BT1AG supports horizontal or vertical placement. Advanced and brand new tool-less design empowers greater productivity and expansibility on the ultra small form factor solution.

Save energy with ASUS exclusive EPU technology

The exclusive ASUS Energy Processing Unit (EPU) is the world's first PC energy saving controller, optimizing efficiency by detecting real time CPU loads and improves efficiency in different usage types to boost system stability and expand product lifespan.

ASUS Commercial Desktops

  BT1AH/BT1AG BP6320
Operating System Windows 8 Pro
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 8 Pro
Windows 7 Professional
Processor Intel® Core™ i3/i5s/i7s Processor
Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7/Pentium® Processor
Graphic Intel® HD Graphics 2000/2500/3000/4000 Intel® HD Graphics
Memory 4GB up to 16 GB
4GB up to 16 GB
Storage 500GB up to 1TB 500GB up to 2TB
Dimensions 70 x 237 x 239 mm (WxHxD)
330 x 220 x 500 mm (WxHxD) with Carton
96 x 400 x 330 mm
238 x 430 x 575 mm with Carton

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