Up to $100 Cashback!
ASUS AiMesh, Your Home Best WiFi Solution

Promotion Period: 15th April to 15th May 2018.

  • Rules

    User whom purchase AiMesh eligible models during the promotion time would get up to $100 cashback from ASUS.
    Get $20 if user buy 1 unit of AiMesh router during promotion period.
    Get$ 60 if user buy 2 units of Aimesh routers during promotion period.
    Get $100 if user purchase 2 units of GT-AC5300 or RT-AC5300 or mix model of GT-AC5300 and RT-AC5300.

    Eligible Models

  • aimesh icon   WHAT'S ASUS AiMesh

    ASUS routers are designed to give you the best possible WiFi coverage. In most cases a single ASUS router will deliver smooth, and reliable WiFi covering every part of your home. However, there are times when WiFi coverage can be affected by many factors: room layout, construction materials, and even furnishings, creating undesirable dead spots around your home. If you are suffering from dead spots or unreliable signals, ASUS AiMesh is here to help!

    AiMesh is an innovative new router technology that connects multiple ASUS routers to create a unified whole-home WiFi network. It's a powerful and flexible way to solve your WiFi problems making the most of your existing hardware: there’s no need to throw away your old router when you upgrade — you can use it as part of your upgrade to expand your AiMesh network! AiMesh gives you time-saving centralized control over all the routers, and a seamless roaming experience. Never need to manually switch networks again. AiMesh is WiFi you can rely on — for any device, any time! Learn more

    Models That Support AiMesh

    WiFi Speed Model
    AC1900 RT-AC68U
    AC2900 RT-AC86U
    AC3100 RT-AC88U
    AC5300 RT-AC5300
    AC5300 GT-AC5300
    AiMesh system

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